The Ultimate Insider Threat Intelligence Platform

User Activity Monitoring (UAM) + User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) + Data Breach Response (DBR)

Veriato's Cerebral is the industry leading insider threat security platform. It works directly on the endpoint, monitoring and analyzing every user’s actions 24/7. Utilizing behavioral analytics, Cerebral’s AI immediately alerts you to signs of threat. Cerebral’s integrated video monitoring lets you playback screenshot videos (Time Capsule DVR) so you can literally “see” the insider’s actions at the time of the alert, letting you rapidly respond, with 100% confidence.

  • Monitor your whole organization (infinitely scalable)
  • Veriato AI identifies threats & immediately alerts you
  • See video playback of the user’s onscreen actions
  • Take immediate action with 100% confidence
  • Provides evidence crucial for prosecution

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How Veriato Works

Veriato is endpoint-based, which ensures organizations have complete visibility into user behavior, regardless of application. By creating an audit trail that spans the entirety of a user’s activity – which includes application and resource usage, communications, web activity, and more – detection of threats (both analytics- and action-based), investigations, and contextual response is simplified.

Veriato’s unmatched visibility into user activity serves as the basis for behavioral analytics and activity monitoring, which together provide accurate early detection of both potential and active threats.


1. Watching

Cerebral continually watches all user behaviors on every Windows workstation and server, MAC and Android device. It monitors all files, application, emails, chats, internet and network usage, psycholinguistics and more.


2. Analyzing

Cerebral develops a dynamic digital fingerprint for every user and group. It continually watches for significant variation from the baseline indicating a possible threat.


3. Alerting

Rapid reaction to a breach is key to minimizing the damage. As soon as an anomaly is detected, Cerebral alerts the security team so that immediate action can be taken.


4. Seeing

Speed of remediation is governed by your ability to determine exactly what’s happening. Veriato’s Time-Capsule DVR gives you an immediate video view into the actual on-screen actions at any endpoint. Look back in time to see what that employee did 5 minutes ago, 5 hours ago or 5 weeks ago.


5. Reacting

When a breach occurs, keeping the compromised data from leaving the facility is job one. The direct visibility that Cerebral provides, allows you to take action rapidly and with 100% confidence, while providing the visual evidence crucial for remediation, as well as criminal and legal action.

Expanding the Scope of your Security Strategy

Internal Threat Game Plan

Without an internal threat game plan, corporations leave a gaping hole in their security strategy. The average time it takes for a corporation to detect a data breach is over five months! If you have critical data to protect, having an incomplete internal threat strategy puts your corporation in significant jeopardy.

Endpoint Visibility & Analysis

With up to 60% of breaches coming from internal threats, it’s critical that corporations proactively monitor all endpoints for the rapid detection of internal breaches. Cerebral agents can be deployed on Windows, MAC, Android devices as well as Windows servers. Cerebral protects both physical and virtualized endpoints.

Detection Alone Is Not Enough

Data Breach Response (DBR) is critical to minimizing the impact of a breach. Once the alarm is sounded, how quickly can you react? Cerebral’s Time-Capsule DVR lets see video of the incident, as it unfolded. This visibility allows you to immediately delineate false alarms from a real threats and take immediate action with 100% confidence.