The Era of Leaks

Since 2006 there has been a steady rise in insider threats. Headlines about breaches have become so common place that they have become a part of pop culture.

The impact of breaches ranges from damaged reputations and dropping stock prices to fines and hits to the bottom line that can put a company out of business.

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The Impact of Veriato

The ability to predict and react with speed and confidence is at the core of a mature, internal threat, data protection strategy.

Speed of Discovery is critical in minimizing damage. Without AI to rapidly detect anomalies (e.g. imposters in the network using stolen credentials), vast amounts of data can be syphoned over weeks or months. Veriato uses the most advanced AI algorithms to analyze and predict risk from the vast amounts of endpoint data that’s continually collected.  However, discovery alone is not enough.

Speed of Remediation is governed by your ability to determine exactly what’s happening. Veriato gives you an immediate view into the actual “on screen” actions so that

This direct visibility allows you to take action rapidly and with confidence, by providing the visual evidence crucial for remediation as well as criminal and legal action.


Distribution of leaks by industry

The greatest volume of compromised data (excluding mega-leaks) was in the internet service, trade and finance industries. Additionally, the SMB segment is more vulnerable to personal data leaks than Enterprise.


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